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Hire experience and education. After decades for working for both great and abusive bosses who had no clue, Paul Gerhardt witnessed how significant of a difference leaders have on employees, turnover, job satisfaction, team and organizational success. Great leaders know how to get people to give and be their very best. On the other hand, most poor leaders do not understand that their style of “leadership” is causing many more problems in the longer-run than what they could realize. In fact, most workplace problems can be directly traced back to a leader missing opportunities to empower, inspire, and use employees’ strengths properly. Leaders must learn to do the “right thing” all of the time, and look for opportunities to lead better with each individual.

Dr. Paul Gerhardt is “The Organizational Doctor”®. He is a world-renowned expert in the field of career success, diversity and leadership. He is well-known for speaking nationally at l events where his reputation for boundless enthusiasm and dedication is second-to-none. His goal is to reignite the spark that makes organizations successful by emphasizing a clear and definitive path to effectiveness and efficiency.

Dr. Paul holds a Ph.D. in Management and Organizational Development; a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and Human Resources. Combined with his unique and enjoyable speaking style, these academic qualifications merge into a singularly Impressive approach to teaching leadership skills for a more effective workplace.

Dr. Paul is the author of exceptional books on the topic of leadership including: “Diversity At Work”, “The Diversity King”, “Leadership Lucy”, and “Supervision Essentials”, as well as several other publications. This know-how is indispensable in the contemporary market place and so we urge you to contact Dr. Gerhardt today in order to arrange motivational speaking, customized workshops, or business-organizational development seminars. In recent years

Browse this website to find why so many organizations including the United States Army, Federal Agencies, top banking institutions, corporations, and non-profit organizations use Dr. Paul Gerhardt to do leadership and diversity training nationally. Dr. Paul Gerhardt has helped numerous organizations become more profitable and productive whilst remaining eminently affordable to hire.

Dr. Paul helps people to tap into their personal potential in a manner that is fun, enjoyable and memorable. The results are instantly clear as individuals soon realize their strengths, skills, dreams and find home and work-life more gratifying and satisfying!

Paul is more than happy to tailor his programs according to the needs of your organization and will take the best approach to help your team members be the very best they can be. Training makes a difference! Hire Dr. Paul to help to get results that last!

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