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Leadership skills are the core to career success and personal happiness. If you want to be your very best, get trained by the leadership skills training expert used by the United States Army, corporations, federal agencies, top banking institutions, local manufacturers, and non-profits. Leadership expert and keynote speaker–Dr. Paul Gerhardt is the author of leadership books, videos and training courses praised by people from all around the world seeking to be more effective. Browse this website to find leadership training, tips, tricks and tools to take your leadership and interpersonal abilities to new levels.

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Dr. Paul is the author of exceptional books on the topic of leadership including: “Diversity At Work”,  “The Diversity King”, “Leadership Lucy”, and “Supervision Essentials”, as well as several other publications

. This know-how is indispensable in the contemporary market place and so we urge you to contact Dr. Gerhardt today in order to arrange motivational speaking, customized workshops, or business-organizational development seminars. In recent years

Browse this website to find why so many organizations including the United States Army, Federal Agencies, top banking institutions, corporations, and non-profit organizations use Dr. Paul Gerhardt to do leadership and diversity training nationally. Dr. Paul Gerhardt has helped numerous organizations become more profitable and productive whilst remaining eminently affordable to hire.

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