December 19, 2014

Transform your place of employment to have enhanced enjoyment
leadership training for business success

About Dr. Paul Gerhardt

Organization Leadership Development Skills

Customized Leadership Skills Training

Dr. Paul L. Gerhardt helps managers and supervisors of all levels of organizations:

  • accomplish more,
  • double profitability;
  • and have greater earned loyalty
  • and satisfied employees

He does this through keynote speaking,  his books, and training workshops that impart enhanced skills and inspired cutting-edge leadership capabilities.

Leadership training workshops enhance performance and gives supervisors the skills that inspire employees to be their best.  Dr. Paul L. Gerhardt, “The Organizational Doctor” is known nationally for creating enjoyable and meaningful leadership skills training workshops for a variety of organizations.  Paul is a published author and trusted leadership adviser whose passion in life is to help companies and organizations recognize their talent within and be as competent and competitive in their industry as possible. He teaches leaders how to nurture their employees and create an environment where people love to come to work and be inspired to give their very best. Paul believes that once your employees, your teams and your company reaches this level of engagement and productivity, everyone profits in many ways. Paul understands the qualities of leaders and helps build excellent leadership skills for today’s seasoned and developing business leaders.

Why Leadership Training is Essential

Dr. Gerhardt has taught thousands of employees of hundreds of organizations from around the world the benefits of getting along better and giving your best. Leadership skills training must be meaningful, enjoyable and interactive. Paul is a powerful keynote leadership speaker and is an experienced authority in experiential learning. Paul teaches valuable human relations skills that makes employees get along better and managers understand the true secrets of workplace success. Paul knows process improvement can only be done by leaders who are properly trained. He creates  customized training that is both enjoyable and memorable. He is an expert in: leadership development, communication, emotional intelligence, diversity in the workplace and organizational assessment. Dr. Paul Gerhardt has a sincere passion for leadership development and making a lasting and meaningful difference in the organizations he works with. Paul believes that the most effective organizational change comes from within each individual. Leadership training increases job satisfaction; morale; creativity and lowers costs.

Leadership Skills Training Backed by Experience

Leadership development training programs truly make a positive difference. Dr. Gerhardt is praised by the organizations that hire him to do training. He consistently hears that his presentations and trainings are absolutely the very best. He has won awards in higher education and has a solid track record in business consulting since 2000. His clients include members of America’s top Fortune 100 companies, non-profits and manufacturing organizations. Paul’s popular customized leadership training programs are built around the simple fact that there is a highly personal relationship between each individual and the organization they are involved with. Paul’s clients love his solid approach to meaningful leadership skills training and development!

Paul holds a PhD in Business Management and Organizational Behaviors, MBA in Management,  Master of Organizational Leadership and certifications in Human Resource Management, Myers-Briggs Psychological Assessment, and DISC Behavioral Analysis. He is skilled at helping take leaders and organizational members to the next level and giving them the tools to continue to grow and prosper.

Leadership skills training  should be fun and memorable! These leadership training workshops by Dr. Paul Gerhardt help make organizations healthy, safe and enjoyable. He lives with his  son in the suburbs of Seattle, WA . Please contact him today to learn more about customized leadership skills training workshops and keynote speaking.