About Dr. Paul Gerhardt

Organization Leadership Development Skills

Customized Leadership Skills Training and Diversity Training

Dr. Paul L. Gerhardt helps managers and supervisors of all levels of organizations:

  • accomplish more,
  • double profitability;
  • have greater earned loyalty
  • satisfied employees
  • enhanced creativity
  • increased productivity

He does this through keynote speaking,  his books, and training workshops that impart enhanced skills and inspired cutting-edge leadership capabilities.

Are you looking for powerful and transformative leadership training but aren’t sure where to find it? Do you want to take your business or professional career to the next level but simply cannot get motivated to do so? Then you’re in the right place.

Dr. Paul Gerhardt has assisted thousands of business leaders in honing their leadership, diversity, and supervision skills through his powerful workshops. Holding a PhD in Business Management and Organizational Leadership, along with numerous other certificates from leading institutions, Dr. Gerhardt has the knowledge and experience to back up his workshops.

Expanding the productivity, talent, and profitability of your employees is essential to growing your business, and through his diversity training, leadership skill training, and supervision training sessions Dr. Paul Gerhardt will help you do just that.

Why you Need Leadership Training

If you don’t know how to perform surgery you can’t claim to be a surgeon, and in just the same way you cannot be called a business leader without first knowing how to lead. When you hire Dr. Gerhardt and sign up for his leadership skills training course, you will learn the ins and outs of successful business leadership. Instead of focusing on the analytical side of business management, Dr. Gerhardt focuses on teaching you how to foster an environment that employees naturally excel in and are excited to be a part of.

Supervision Training that Makes a Difference

Dr. Gerhardt’s has helped thousands of businesses, including several Fortune 500 companies, achieve a greater level of success in mentoring their employees. Dr. Gerhardt teaches you and your team how to become real leaders in business through advanced supervision training that incorporates powerful techniques guaranteed to create positive results.

Additionally, Dr. Gerhardt places an emphasis on diversity training as one of the primary components of true business success. It is this combination of leadership training skills, diversity training and supervision training that propels Dr. Gerhardt to the front of the business training and consultation industry.

Learn how to be a successful and influential business leader by hiring Dr. Gerhardt to train you and your team today!

Paul holds a PhD in Business Management and Organizational Behaviors, MBA in Management,  Master of Organizational Leadership and certifications in Human Resource Management, Myers-Briggs Psychological Assessment, and DISC Behavioral Analysis. He is skilled at helping take leaders and organizational members to the next level and giving them the tools to continue to grow and prosper.

Leadership skills training  should be fun and memorable! These leadership training workshops by Dr. Paul Gerhardt help make organizations healthy, safe and enjoyable. He lives with his  son in the suburbs of Seattle, WA . Please contact him today to learn more about customized leadership skills training workshops and keynote speaking.